Unclaimed table at the
boisterous bar,
the nighttime I needed,
drinking the first beer slow,
writing like I like to do.

Inescapable sights,
the smell of a
Black & Mild sneaking
into the senses,
loud sounds and loud voices
piercing the silent night
like a needle in a plum
injecting madness through
it's wet juicy meat,

I dip to the alley,
experience serene smoking,
energy exchanging hands.

Dissipating daydream now,
watching my pretty girl in the
passing wind, her soft infectious
her swaying in her
slight drunkenness,
and now, as she caresses
      my leg,
 curling up like a needy

she chills,
I finish her beer for
softness skin
sure of seductive touch.
The madness and sultry
  voices echoing off
    bar walls like
      bouncing red

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