Monday, mood day, 6:13p.m. flashing floating in the alarm clock window
I'm procrastinating like a glob of gum stuck to a shoe, lost in the night,
eating for nothing, waiting for something interesting to come along to make
it worth shoving aside my work.

The evening setting in, the last red streak of sun dying, turning dark purple,
a blue breeze blows by bashfully, rustic streetlight shine, orange grey shadows,
a purr of crickets, a neon buzz of some bar stuck in last nights booze, last nights
laughs and screams, waiting for bartime, eager for a stirring.

My living room window steady in Monday, Tuesday passing by already, and I
wonder why I lose track of the days.

Aw, goddam, I'm still so tired, so weak,
I'm going to sleep,
I'll just shut my eyes...

for... one second...

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