ouch, ouch

ouch, ouch,
ankle sprained or broken,
i don't believe anymore
don't eat raw liver ever,
pain, pain, ouch,
feels like forever, feels
like eternal boredom
setting in,
   get out while you can,
before the leather workers
before the rainy sunrise on
a shitty day,

ouch ouch pain
  lift that leg, wiggle
    those toes,
hating minutes without a smoke,
hating the tingling in my
ankle as i bend my toes
forward and back, forward
and back on the bench outside
my favorite bar, drinkin a
favorite beer,
  'enjoy it while you can,' i think,
entertaining the blonde on
the phone, tellin her "everything's
alright; just come over and
make the pain go away"

she'll wait for another day,
a more convenient time,
when we, enamored with
each others eyes, dive deep
into the mind eyes' hue.

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