Thoughts on Blogs


   I've found (through no fault of my own) the incredible power of composing prose in a tiny box floating on a screen rather than embracing the au-naturale feeling one gets from using ink on paper. Having to scribble unintelligibly in an awkward notebook, while it brings its own power and uniqueness to the art of writing and is still my preferred way to write, coming up with something using a computer has its own unique benefits. I've recently (re)discovered how interesting it is to be able to compose about as fast as my thoughts and also let my inner editor have some say by rearranging sentences or changing words, or sometimes finding a more interesting word in the thesaurus to use in another's place.

   Something in my gut though, makes me feel like I'm cheating, something is so artificial about being able write this way, it feels like I've been doing it all wrong. Maybe I've been doing it all differently, not necessarily wrong, and maybe instead of feeling guilty of cheating, I'll embrace this newfound art outlet!

   You'll still see me poeticizing in my notebook at any number of bars downtown, half empty beer in front of me, pen moving back and forth like a lone blade of grass stuck in the earth during a storm. I knock back the rest of my beer, order another, turn the page, and expect a gleaming white sheet staring up at me, intimidatingly. 

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  1. Dude... I'm so psyched you're finally putting up your writings online for everyone to see.... always a joy to read - Marike