Sunday Vibes

The mellow Sunday vibe
permeates a pub, cool
90’s tunes bass lines bump
pitter patter rhythms through

Clinking glasses and
clattering, the beginning
of a new year, camraderous
atmosphere, resolutions
being broken already.
Outside, the cool
California air nippin at
the fingertips,
the toes, the knees.

The beer helps it along,
like a faucet that takes
too long to get warm.

I get up and
use the bathroom,
relating the feeling
of relief to the ecstatic
feeling of the release
of letting the last year

What does the new one bring?
   just new bullshit,
     new crap to deal with,
problems with women, work,
   bars, bartenders,
     drugs, and dealers,

a whole new suitcase
     of worries, whose
latch opens slowly,
     but assuredly.

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