Mid-October Rain Blues

 It's the middle of October,
    the rains have come &
        I miss women

It's the middle of my life,
    the rains have come &
        I miss women

I think of my exes, of all
      the girls I've fucked
      in the rain and I
      can't remember a single
      time being alone all
               waiting for a
                       dry day.
We're always looking for
companionship, but in the
wet California winter,
we look for a

a person who grounds us,
makes us feel at home,

October rains have come, and
   everyone waits for Halloween
   in quasi-anticipation.

Fall has always been the transition
                       month, when I
realize I've been doing it all wrong.

This could be the "boyfriend" in me
   talking, that or the

   fuckin bitches...

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