New book, first paragraph...


The first of them came on a Tuesday, just before sunset, when the quinacridone sunlight was dripping away to the orange glow of streetlamps, their awkward caws echoed in between the walls of the skinny alley like the far off tune of an amateur jazz musician.  In small groups, as neon Vs against the pastel sky, the flamingoes were finally returning to Cagliari. 


My Glass Bottle

It restrains the dark cherry flavor.
The deep claret filters all conceivable light
And burns its color on the desk.
The desk, not knowing better,
becomes part of its hue,
And stoops before its tint authority.

The lamp asks why the bottle feels powerful,
It says, “I changed the color of this desk”

“Get your own light,” whispered the lamp

And the desk was freed.


Parisian Ossuary

City of lights, city of romance,
words lost on your breath,

the catacombs are blood
beneath the streets in
the city of death.

Fueled by the eternal
mortality of human flesh,
fueled by the red-eyed lovers
lost with empty chests.

Its hard to breath again,
the floor is gone to screaming
haikus over the starfull sky.

Listening to my head,
whispering the thoughts
I never wanted, the golden
lie was told, the leather
cross shines with an
unimitable strobe
of humanity.

My poems reek of
solemn solace,
they start to hyperventilate
behind my back,
they kiss the sun
and burn in violet fire.

Yesterday’s cigarette ash
waits in my driveway
for the rain.

The rain that never comes.

The knife in my neck believed me.

The rooster didn’t wait until morning.

Menthol breath and bleeding
gums, the marriage of the crows
roaming Roman alleyways,
the perfect girl’s tongue-in-teeth
and love in vain,
once more.


two cold bare feet

cool winter Cagliari


  up on a Pirri rooftop.

cold espresso and a cigarette.

  birds cooing, dogs barking.

smoke mimicing mine
  from a chimney across
      the street.

grey cloud masses
   obscure the view.
a patch of sunlight,
on the city in the distance,
   slowly fades away.

burning wood and olive branches.

simple, subtle, supple noon.